Tank cleaning



Tank cleaning

Washing facility an extensive range of washing and cleaning services:

Cleaning of tanks used for chemicals or foodstuffs

Cleaning of tank-type containers

Washing of standard silos and Kipp silos

Dry and wet cleaning of bottom-dump silos

Steam washing We have a modern steam-generating installation which allows:
  • Steam-heating of products at 180ºC in tanks and other containers
  • Water-heating of products at 30–60ºC
  • Steam washing of containers soiled with problematic substances, e.g

    -Paraffin wax,
    -Sasolwax, etc.

  • We are also equipped to clean containers of selected resins (e.g. Polimal, UN 1866)
  • The steam installation is also useful for efficient cleaning of difficult food products:

    -Cocoa mass,

Air installation Very high drying efficiency
  • The washing facility includes a highly efficient installation for drying the insides of tanks and other containers.
  • Air temperatures of up to 125ºC and 3 drying hoses allow fast drying of containers even at low external temperatures.

Disinfection Relevant entries made to confirm completion of the service
  • We offer the disinfection and odour neutralisation of freezers, isotherm vehicles and other food transport vehicles.

Security Installation protection
  • We have a compressor allowing operations under difficult conditions at low oxygen contents, as well as a complete power-generator installation for long-duration heating of tanks and other containers even in the case of power loss.
  • We have fully equipped rest and refreshment rooms for incoming drivers.
  • For the duration of the cleaning process or for longer parking, drivers have unlimited access to toilets, showers, and the relaxation room with TV and WiFi for free.